Homeland Security Studies & Analysis Institute

The Homeland Security Studies and Analysis Institute (HSSAI) is a federally funded research and development center (FFRDC) operated by ANSER on behalf of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). HSSAI delivers independent, objective analysis and specialized expertise to help homeland security leaders address their most complex operational and policy issues, transform homeland security goals and objectives into meaningful strategies, operational requirements, and metrics.

Originally chartered by Congress as the Homeland Security Institute (HSI) in 2004 with the establishment of DHS, the not-for-profit institute became HSSAI in 2009. As an FFRDC, HSSAI provides independent analyses, free from conflict of interest, to the extended homeland security enterprise. Over the last 11 years, HSSAI has completed more than 650 studies and related analyses for DHS and other agencies.

HSSAI provides the federal government with continuity and currency in DHS-specific areas of expertise. As a trusted agent, HSSAI maintains in-depth knowledge of DHS programs and operations. While dedicated to supporting every major staff function and component within the DHS, it also supports the homeland security needs of other organizations such as the Departments of Defense, Education, Interior, Health and Human Services, and State.

What is an FFRDC?

FFRDCs are non-government organizations sponsored by various U.S. government agencies. FFRDCs focus on addressing the most complex and / or persistent problems, working as strategic, trusted agent partners with their sponsoring agencies. They are independent entities (typically managed by academic institutions or nonprofit organizations). An FFRDC is required to operate in the public interest with objectivity and independence, to be free from organizational conflicts of interest, and to have full disclosure of its affairs to the sponsoring agency. Long-term relationships between the sponsoring agency and FFRDCs enable the FFRDC to maintain currency in its fields of expertise, maintain its objectivity and independence, preserve its familiarity with the needs of the sponsoring agency, and also provide a quick response capability.

For more information please go to http://www.anser.org/hssai